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Summer rates in our hotels


We offer SUMMER RATES in our hotels in Sigtuna. Sigtuna, the first Swedish town established in 970, has evolved from having been a midpoint of the central power into a (…)

Båttestare Sigtuna- Skokloster

Summer boats to Sigtuna, Skokloster and Birka


It will be a great summer for anyone wishing to take a ferry to Sigtuna, Skokloster and Birka in summer. Strömma will once again traffic the popular route Stockholm – (…)



Sigtuna Literature festival 2014

Marknad / festival Sigtuna will once again be filled with literature! On 23-24 August, the annual Sigtuna Literature Festival returns to our town. Literature connects us all, so it is fitting that all local venues will open their doors, hearts and minds as the town of Sigtuna becomes a livin

Sigtuna Market Fair - Sigtuna Möte

Marknad / festival Sigtuna Market Fair – a market in the year 1912 spirit The very first city in Sweden, Sigtuna, invites you to join exciting market days in 1912 spirit. Music, dance, handicraft and you will meet people dressed as in those days in 1912. In 1912 Sigtuna had its last f
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