Did you enjoy your stay in Sigtuna? Share your Sigtuna memory here!

Did you enjoy your stay in Sigtuna? We love when our guests wants to share their stories!

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I really love to swim and Sigtuna has so many great places for swimming! My personal favorite is Björkbacka.

Anna Andersson


I listen to historic Sigtuna, just like a great story. I do this by stepping into any of the amazing stores and buildings down Stora gatan. I believe that these buildings are the greatest storytellers of history, culture, beauty, hardship, perserverance, and life. But, we must be willing to listen.

Angela Ryden

Seattle and Sigtuna

Don’t miss the boat trips from Stockholm to Sigtuna and Skokloster. Favourite sights: Skokloster Castle, Rosersberg Palace, Sjudargårdsbadet
(sandy beach) and historical sights in Sigtuna town.