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Hammarbacken 12
191 49 Sollentuna
+46 8 85 04 00 (from abroad) 020-20 20 20 (toll-free in Sweden)

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Taxi 020 goes Sverigetaxi 

3000 engaged men and women from 50 different nations and cultures have been a strong reason for the company’s positive evolution since the start.

Taxi 020 was founded in 1994 from a fusion of larger local taxi companies.

In the beginning it was Arlanda Taxi in Sigtuna, Solna/Lidingö Taxi and Vallentuna Taxi who was part of the new company. Since then more local companies have joined Sverigetaxi/Taxi 020, such as Haninge-Tyresö Taxi, Taxi Upplands-Bro and RingTaxi.

To start off with, the company was owned by it’s suppliers – the taxi owners themselves, but since 2008 Sverigetaxi/Taxi 020 is a part of Fågelviksgruppen among other taxi companies.

Today we are represented in the 3 major regions in Sweden, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö/Lund with approximately 1300 vehicles and our major attributes are the yellow cars and the ongoing work to improving the environment.

Sverigetaxi offers many different services in addition to normal taxi; large taxis for 5-8 persons, limousines, delivery and wheelchair accomodated vehicles.

Everbody is important to us, regardless if it’s private transports, corporate transports or transports arranged by the society, such as school-transports and mobility service.

For us “Taxi for everybody” is not just a saying, it’s reality!


From dirty cars to ecotaxi in record time. We had a vision and achieved the goal. Now we take the next step.

In 2005, we set the goal of at least 80% of our taxis would be green by 2010. With green cars we mean vehicles that emit less than 120g of carbon dioxide. We achieved our goal of ecotaxi and have along the way raised the ambition and constantly trying to get even less than 120g.

We do this by continuously searching vehicles with even less emissions, such as vehicles that run on biogas. In order to do this also requires a greater involvement of society as regards the expansion of such filling stations. The supply of biogas must be improved.
Our vision is of course to operate with no emissions at all.

As the only taxi company, we participated in the Stockholm City procurement of electric cars. We are now the only taxi company that have had a electric taxi in traffic. We intend to test and learn more about these vehicles. The supply of electricity is very good as well is the infrastructure for electrical outlets very good.

Our environmental commitment has not only affected the environment for the better, but also strengthened our brand, which in turn generated new and exciting clients.


A TaxiGuide is a taxi driver who runs guided tours in his taxi. Stockholm has many visitors – especially during the summer – and they want to get to see as much as possible of our beautiful town. Then it is practical to use a licensed TaxiGuide that can tell you about the city and who can drive guests between destinations.

A guided tour of one hour costs 550 SEK for up to four passengers, ie slightly more than what our current time rate is. Furthermore, in the TaxiGuide’s company you get discount for entry in such The castle. The TaxiGuides also guide inside the museums.

You get professional and very reasonably priced tours of the city, adapted to the customers’ requirements. Most of our taxi guide cars also run transport service which means we can take clients with a wheelchair or walker. Above all, you get a very personal impression and memory of his visit to Stockholm.

You book your own personal taxi guide by calling our taxi guide number +46 8 24 25 55.


Sweden is one of the few countries in the world with a deregulated taxi market. This means in particular that pricing is free as long as you inform potential customers about the price of the taxi.

Legislation requires that all cars have a clear sticker on the rear side windows that show the car’s most expensive price. The price to be displayed (“Compare Price”) shall be for a trip of 10 kilometers and takes 15 minutes, and “normal” price for the larger reputable companies hovers between 280-330 dollars.

Have you ridden in a taxi and feel that perhaps it was too expensive, there are no opportunities for you to turn to any judicial body to complain. As long as the above price are shown on the rear side windows you as a customer have to accept this. We therefore urge everyone to really look for a comparable price. Is the price more expensive than the levels mentioned above, one should consider both one and two times before getting in the car.

Many companies offer fixed rates to / from the airport. Taxi 020 takes in the current situation 295 SEK between Arlanda and Sigtuna for 1-4 persons and 445 SEK for 5-8 persons.

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