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Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket

Manfred Björkqvists allé 8
193 31 Sigtuna
+46 8 592 571 00

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About SSHL boarding school

SSHL – SSHL is the leading boarding school and the best school for Swedes in the world. The boarding school offers a safe learning environment, rich leisure activities and a wonderful environment. About half of the students live at the boarding school, the other half come from the local area in Sigtuna.

Already in the 1920s, Sigtuna had two boarding schools: Sigtunastiftelsen Humanistiska Läroverk, founded by Bishop Manfred Björkquist and Sigtunaskolan, founded by the theologian Harry Cullberg. They were united in 1980 and formed to “Sigtunaskolan Humantistiska Läroverket”, SSHL.

It is easy to feel as home at SSHL. If you live at the boarding school, as many of our students do, you will get close to your classmates every day. You will share everything with your peers and there are good chances that you will stay friends with them for the rest of your life.

At SSHL, the students and the teachers have a background from more than 60 countries. In your class, at the student home and during your spare time, you will get in touch with people from other cultures, with other habits, traditions and experiences. It is both fun and enriching and you will for sure develop as a person during school years.

SSHL is located near Stockholm, Uppsala and Arlanda. For students, it is an asset to be close to a big city for recreation or purchases and to Arlanda, for their own travel or for relatives to visit. There are also great opportunities to have a meaningful leisure time at the school and in the town of Sigtuna.


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