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Stationsgatan 6A
195 25 Märsta
+46 8 591 796 00

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SigtunaHem is a creative and modern housing company that owns and manages 4200 apartments with a tenancy in Sigtuna. SigtunaHem’s primary mission is to develop safe and pleasant living environments with high levels of service. Our vision is summarized by the words – Sweden’s most satisfied tenants. To our 9000 tenants’ service is therefore more than 70 skilled and dedicated employees to deliver “Residential Care”.

Our concern is reflected in the care of both tenants and property. We build new properties in attractive locations for the young and old alike. Our aim is to meet the expectations of our tenants, giving them a wide variety of choices with our renovations.

“Boende med omtanke”
You will live well and feel good. SigtunaHem is committed to creating natural meeting places for all, with a special focus on children and young people. We are currently preparing for a “Youth Opera,” a musical combining different styles of music. This project will last over the summer weeks providing children and adolescents with a fun job during their vacation. For the same reason we also offer a writing workshop in conjunction with the libraries in the area. The idea is that children will be asked to draw pictures or write stories on the local community. These articles will then be printed in book form and presented in Sigtuna Literature Festival.

In collaboration with the municipality of Sigtuna, destination company, associations and even private parties – we plan each year for activities designed to create community, comfort and security.

Sigtunahem builds

In the Sigtuna area the ”Kommun” build accommodation faster than any other company in the whole of Sweden. SigtunaHem is an engine in this work. We both acquire and build in-house.

By focusing on our tenants and more than 16 000 people who have registered interest in our queue, we have a good idea of what is in demand and strive for what we build and acquire to meet our stakeholders’ expectations.

Currently we have high quality, space-efficient and affordable rental properties in attractive locations.

We now have our first project in Märsta, paying particular attention to the environment. This model house we like to call a “passivehouse”.

On the outskirts of Märsta we have plans for a major project, building possible first time accommodation for people leaving their family home.

Our renovations

SigtunaHem take responsibility for its property portfolio. Most of SigtunaHem’s apartments were built in the 1960’s and 70’s known as the boom years. We have established a program which gives us ability and finances to renovate these properties. We think we have done well. Along with the tenants’ association, we found a model for rebuilding what we call – mini, midi, maxi. Mini means that only the most necessary renovation, maxi means complete renovation. And midi somewhere in between.

The levels are to give our tenants a choice. So far, we have built around 300 apartments of our planned goal of 2 000. Our customer surveys show that those who have had renovations carried out are pleased with the results and now also live in an apartment that meets today’s expectations for function and comfort.


We have apartments in all neighborhoods in the municipality of Sigtuna – Märsta Rosersberg, Valsta, Sigtuna and Steninge. We can offer apartments centrally located within walking distance of travel services, shops, and the health service. With opportunities in some areas to have natural areas of forests and the lake just around the corner. If you want to live close to history and culture, we can provide that too in Sweden’s first town!

We have all types of apartments, large and small. The duplex and townhouse. The townhouse with a private entrance and garden. The older three-storey buildings have a classic design with common stairwells. The modern apartments are open planned.

And would you like to live with a view? We can offer you that option too.

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