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Sigtunabygden newspaper

Porsgrunnsgatan 3
195 30 Märsta
+46 8 594 405 70

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Sigtunabygden is a local newspaper with a long tradition in the municipality of Sigtuna. The newspaper is distributed to all households and businesses each Wednesday in Sigtuna and Knivsta municipalities with a total amount of 29, 200 copies. Sigtunabygden is a credible news source for the readers and a forum for local debate.

Sigtunabygden has its own newssite at

You are welcome to read Sigtunabygden e-journal here:


Sigtunabygden is a reliable and efficient marketplace for companies and businesses. When you want to reach out with a message locally in Sigtuna municipality, an advertisement in the newspaper Sigtunabygden is the perfect source.

The sales group of Sigtunabygden:

Magnus Wranning
Sales Business Ads

Tom Eriksson
Sales Business Ads

Private people can advertise in the private market or family pages. For instance, if you want to sell a bike, sell/rent your house or apartment, celebrate a newborn baby or a birthday. For advertisements of this kind, please contact Customer Service at +46 8 594405 97

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