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Sigtuna Parish

Olofsgatan 2
193 30 Sigtuna
08 592 504 54

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Sigtuna Parish

Sigtuna Parish is part of the Church of Sweden. The town of Sigtuna has approximately 10 000 inhabitants, whereof 75% are members of the Church of Sweden.

The parish can trace its roots to medieval times. At that time Sigtuna was the largest parish in Sweden, with seven churches and a Dominican monastery. Three of these historic buildings today stand in ruin. The old Monastic church, Mariakyrkan, still acts as the main church in Sigtuna today. Additional churches belonging to the parish include Haga Church, 7 km north of Sigtuna, and the Studio-church of Olof Hartman, named Tilkyrkan.

Mariakyrkan is open to visitors daily, year round. We celebrate Sunday Mass every Sunday at 11.00 am, and there is a midweek service on Wednesdays at 18.00.

In addition to traditional Church acts, such as Matrimony, Funeral Services and Christenings, Sigtuna parish offers its members and other residents in Sigtuna several weekly activities to participate in. These include, but are not limited to: choir practice, teenage Confirmation, Bible studies, children-and-parent groups, cooking with kids, and an extensive school  cooperation project.

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