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Real estate agency Mäklarhuset

Stora Gatan 54
193 23 Sigtuna
+46 8 592 502 90

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Mäklarhuset has been market leader in Sigtuna municipality for many years. During the 2000s, Mäklarhuset conveyed most villas of all real estate firms in Sigtuna municipality!

(Source: Värderingsdata)

Mäklarhuset is a well known concept for anyone to sell or buy housing in Sigtuna, Märsta Rosersberg and the neighboring countryside. The company has been established in the locality since in 1948. Our ambition is to make it easy for you and conduct secure transactions between buyers and sellers. Mäklarhuset is located in the top eight years in a row when it comes to customer satisfaction according to the Swedish Quality Index – 2008 to 2015!
We are judged by the parties at the completion of each business, so feel free to ask for and take part in our surveys. We are also on Reco.

With six real estate agent and an assistant, we can give you all the help you need when buying and selling homes throughout the municipality! Welcome to the leading broker Sigtuna municipality!


Have you decided to sell your home? We arrange and evaluate all types of homes, villas, condominiums, homes, apartments, plots and real estate in the municipality of Sigtuna. Our brokers hits you happy for a free evaluation of your current home, completely unbiased.

Mäklarhuset constantly working to create and develop new smart services and solutions, to simplify for those who must sell their home. And with a large, nationwide register of potential buyers in combination with maximum marketing of your property, we ensure that your property is visible where the buyers are. But of course, we try to help you with your wishes and needs. Our task is to make you feel safe and happy when you should sell your home!


When you buy a home, house, condominium, apartment, holiday homes, land or property should be easy, comfortable and safe for you when you make your business life.

Choose a broker that does little beyond the ordinary. When you buy your property with us at the brokerage house gives you access to highly competitive products and services, we offer a good security for both buyers and sellers throughout the process. Our task is to make you feel safe and satisfied as a buyer!

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