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Mamsellens Skafferi & kök

Stora gatan 35
193 23 Sigtuna

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Mamsellens Skafferi och Kök is located at Stora Gatan 35 and is directly tied to Augusta Janssons Karamellfabrik on the very same address. The two boutiques are situated in a house built 1740 with an open fireplace in the middle of the shop – that means that the trees that were used to make the construction material were planted and started growing in the beginning of the 17th century!
The Miss’s products and stock are directed to the inquisitive and perhaps meticulous home cook. You will find high quality ingredients and tools in the shop that can be used to create a wonderful and well-composed meal – a treat to both the cook and his or her loved ones.
The selection includes favourites such as handmade Skedvi bread, flatbread from Rälta, charcuterie from Gustafs and Fäviken/Undersåker, cheeses from Skärvångens dairy farm and parmesan directly imported from Italy. On top of this, the Miss also offers a wide range of oils, herbs and spices, jams and various things that will meet the needs of the choosiest of home cooks. Combine your visits to the Miss and Augusta Jansson and you are will enjoy a charming and delicious experience in the heart of Sigtuna.

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