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Företagarna Sigtuna

Box 140
195 23 Märsta
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About Företagarna

Swedish Federation of Business Owners

Företagarna (Swedish Federation of Business Owners) creates better conditions for starting, running, developing, and owning a business in Sweden. Our mission is to promote entrepreneurship, safeguard the rights of business owners, and contribute to conditions that make running a business easy and appealing.

Being an entrepreneur should be simple and it should be worth the effort. Företagarna’s watchwords are free trade and free competition. Our goal is for Sweden to regain its former position as one of the most entrepreneur-friendly countries in the world.

We are not a political party. Företagarna is critical of all parties that do not support the policies we want and we cooperate with everyone who promotes policies that favor entrepreneurs. We talk to everybody – government ministers as well as the opposition, unions and organizations – who is intent on working toward a better entrepreneurial climate and who does not merely deliver empty promises.

Although all political parties in Sweden are in favor of entrepreneurship in theory, far too little is being done to promote entrepreneurship and create more jobs. We want to change that! One of our most important tasks is to clarify the correlations between entrepreneurship, growth, and prosperity.

Företagarna is the largest organization for business owners in Sweden and we represent some 70,000 entrepreneurs -55,000 directly affiliated and 15,000 memebers in industry associations. Our members are entrepreneurs who own their own businesses or who support our work.

Our work is performed out there in the trenches with owners of businesses small and large all over Sweden. This approach gives us a clear picture of what is important in order to make life easier for Sweden’s business owners and entrepreneurs.

Did you know?

None of the 50 largest companies in Sweden was founded after 1970

The public sector employs as many people as all small businesses in Sweden put together

99.2% of Swedish companies have fewer than 50 employees

3 out of 4 entrepreneurs run their company alone

12% of Swedish business owners are immigrants

More than 20% of Swedish business owners are women

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