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Sigtuna Town

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Sigtuna Town

Sigtuna is a picturesque Medieval town of 8,000 inhabitants, founded in AD 970 by King Erik the Victorious, making it the first town in Sweden.

Around year 970 King Erik the Victorious pointed out where Sigtuna town should be built. He was a modern Nordic king, who wanted to create a kingdom resembling the European kingdoms.

He knew how a town should be constructed and that he should cooperate with the new Christian church to achieve his goals. The goal was to form a kingdom with one king under one god. He, himself, would be the king as well as the head of the Church – the Man of God of the new kingdom. Initially this was a rather controversial concept for lords and peasants in the region – a Christian kingdom!


Power and trading center

Erik knew how to build loyalties with the right people. By donating land plots in the new town, tradesmen and landowners became his allies. With the street in the center, he created a power and trading center with an international flavor. Several archaeological excavations in the three-meter deep “black earth” shows the sizes of the plots and the town plan. The town’s original structure is largely preserved to this day. Sigtuna town centre is about the same size and shape today as it was when it was founded. Which makes it unique in Sweden.



Right from the start there were a multitude of languages, cultures and influences in Sigtuna. In the 11th century about 1000 people lived in the town. Archaeological findings show the trade of exotic goods from Byzantium, Russia, Poland and Ukraine. Everything indicates that there were many international permanent residents who contributed their knowledge, skills and contacts.


First female saint

Sigtuna carries many stories. One of them is the one about Olof Skötkonungs’ daughter Ingegerd. Ingegerd Olofsdotter became a powerful woman by her marriage to Prince Yaroslav in the Old Russian Empire. As the Grand Duchess of Kiev, Ingegerd stood at the front when the empire experienced its first heydays. Ingegerd remains a spiritual stature not only in Russia but also in Sweden, as an orthodox saint; Saint Anna.


Sigtuna today

Today Sigtuna town has given name to the whole Municipality, which also embraces Sweden’s international Airport Arlanda, Märsta and Rosersberg. Today King Erik the Victorious’ main street, Stora Gatan, is lined by picturesque wooden houses with shops, restaurants and cafes. All year round, visitors from near and far come to walk in his footsteps, on Sweden’s first pedestrian street. Just like a thousand years ago.


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Book a Tour of Sigtuna

Historical Walking Tour

The Sigtuna Tourist Office offers guided bus tours and walks for large and small groups in several languages, all year round.

Our experienced and knowledgeable Sigtuna guides will tell the story of Sigtuna where you will learn about the town’s history from the ancient times of 970 through to modern times. You will see famous attractions such as the Town Hall and St Mary’s Church. You will also see the historic rune stones and learn about the messages they have carried through the centuries.

Duration: 1 hour-1,5 hour

Price: 1,895 SEK (incl VAT) for 1 hour and 2,335 SEK (incl VAT) for 1,5 hour

Prices are valid for groups of up to 30 people.

This tour can also be combined with a tour of the inside of the Town Hall. Here there is an entrance fee of 300 SEK.


Book your Sigtuna guide here:

Destination Sigtuna/Sigtuna Tourist Office, Stora gatan 33, Sigtuna town

Tel: + 46 (0)8-594 806 50



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