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Parking and Camping sites in Sigtuna

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Free parking in Sigtuna town, follow the time limits on the parking signs. No parking discs are required.

Parking discs are required on the following parking lots in Sigtuna municipality from 1st of March 2016:

  • Södergatan in Märsta (south of Stationsgatan)
  • Sätuna torg in Märsta (from the parking place outside the flower shop to the pedestrian crossing by ICA, the food store).
  • Fabriksvägen (from the other side of the pedestrian crossing by ICA, to the exit towards Västra Bangatan)
  • Märsta station

Parking discs can be picked up at the town hall reception (Södergatan 20 in Märsta), Kulturlänken (in Märsta library, Kulturtorget 6), ICA Sätuna or Pressbyrån by Märsta Station.

Electric vehicle charging stations

Camping sites close to Sigtuna

There is no camping Sigtuna in Sigtuna, but these are the nearest ones:

  • Skokloster’s Camping, by Skokloster Castle, 25 km from Sigtuna town. Phone number: +46 (0)18-386035
  • Fjällnora Camping, 20 km east of Uppsala, along road 282. Situated in a nature area Fjällnora. The camping is open 1st of May-30th of September. Possibility to rent cottages. Phone number: +46(0)18-727 06 10
  • Rösjöbaden Camping, Sollentuna, 30 km south of Märsta and 15 km north of central Stockholm. Open all year round, possibility to rent cottages. Phone number: +46 (0)8 96 21 84.
  • Camp Nygård, Täby kyrka (church) by Vallentuna lake. Approximately 30 km south of Märsta. Open all year around, limited opening hours during low season. For further information, have a look at their website. Phone number: +46 (0)73-050 61 92

Parking lots for motor homes

Bring your motor home to the ancient town Sigtuna! By Sigtuna Guest harbor you can park your motor home for 24 hours. There are 4 lots for motor caravans and they cost 200 SEK/day. Toilets and restaurants are nearby as well as the medieval city centre.

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