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Odensala church

Odensala kyrkby 104
195 91 Märsta

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Odensala church

Odensala church, the beautiful medieval stone church dates from the 11th century. The church is mainly known for its well preserved medieval vault paintings signed by Albertus Pictor’s studio at the end of the 16th century. However, recently the history made its reminder when another rune stone was found while restoring the church yard wall.

The images inside the church have been untouched throughout the years. Even though the color has faded in some parts, the atmosphere in the medieval church enhances the original Biblical images acquired from the Old Testament.

We warmly recommend you to pay a visit and witness these rare drawings from ancient times.

For further information, church services and opening hours please contact the pastor office at: +468 594 408 40

Open for visitors 2017:

July 2 – August 6, daily, 12 AM –4 PM.

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