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The Main Square

Stora Torget
193 30 Sigtuna

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The Main Square

Since its creation in the 1600s, Stora Torget, the Main Square, has continuously been crossed by vehicles. First there were horses and carriages. Later on, they were changed to velocipedes and automobiles.

200 years ago, during the early 1800s, the square was a beautiful meadow, bordered by linden. As late as 1917, cattle grazed the square. A contemporary writer asserted that the square had been covered with gravel to get rid of the embarrassing question: “So, has the pasture at Main Square been satisfactory this year?”

When automobile traffic increased during the 1900s, the road still crossed the square, and a bus station was erected. Today, the Main Square is mainly employed as a gathering spot, serving as epicentre for the fairs.

In the end of August, Sigtuna Möte, Sigtuna Meeting, a fair in the spirit of 1912, attracts visitors from near and far. Handicraft and candy is sold by fittingly dressed market traders. In December, each week-end before Christmas, the Sigtuna Christmas Market brings the spirit of the holidays to its delighted visitors. In the middle of the square, a large Christmas tree is placed, with surrounding market booths.

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