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The Lundström Home

Stora Gatan 39
193 30 Sigtuna

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Lundströmska gården

Welcome to the home of the Lundström family!

In the Lundström home you can still see and learn how a middle-class family lived in the 18th and 19th century. The house was bought in 1873 by C A Lundström. He was a man of many occupations: carpenter, shopkeeper, auctioneer, town cashier and, in addition, legal adviser to the inhabitants of Sigtuna.

Very soon Lundström built a small shop on the site, and in 1874 he enlarged the house and started a general store. C A Lundström died in 1904, the store was shut down, and the stock was sold. His wife stayed in the house until her death 1923 and the only son inherited the property.

Since 1958 the Lundström house is a museum and everything has been left untouched. From Stora Gatan you enter the shop, the so called “godtköpshandel”, where all sorts of things like groceries, snuff, cigars, fabrics, working-clothes and wallpaper were sold.

Open during summer season. 

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