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Draketrädgården – Drake Garden

Stora Gatan 33
193 30 Sigtuna

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The Bliss of the Drake garden

In a town made of wood, such as Sigtuna, numerous houses and farms have burnt down throughout the years. During times of poverty and misfortune, it proved hard for house owners to reconstruct demolished buildings. Thus, gardens and plots were merged while wealthy bourgeois and craftsmen built large houses and gardens.

Today, the Drake garden is the only garden in town to include an entire block. Nevertheless, it gives an image of what Sigtuna used to look like, when it emerged in the late Middle Ages. During the period of the Drake family, in the early 20th century, fruit trees and currant bushes, as well as vegetables and flowers, blossomed abundantly. In those days, the garden looked like a paradise garden.

Drake garden is open to the public, enabling visitors the bliss of a picnic, savouring coffee from the Drake garden – and just relaxing. Occasionally live music flows from the pavilion, adorning the garden since 1970. The Rullan Music Pavilion was originally located at Grand Hotell Hörnan in Uppsala, but due to economic difficulties, it had to be pawned. As the pawnbroker had his summer residence in Sigtuna, the Sigtuna Brass Sextet orchestra managed to arrange the moving of the pavilion to the Drake garden.

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