The Runic love letter

18-02-10 In Sigtuna we celebrate Valentine’s Day by quoting a decipeherd 900-year-old runic inscription: ”Kiss Me”! Read more about it in this article from MailOnline (2014), saying: A 900-year-old Norse code has finally been cracked, and experts believe it’s the Viking equivalent of a Valentine’s day card. The message, which is thought to say in part ‘kiss me’, means […]

Nature is near

18-01-09 Right of public access – a unique opportunity to visit nature In Sigtuna, we love the outdoor. We hope you do to. The majority of the land in Sigtuna is forrest, shores, i.e. nature. So it might not come as a surprise that we have decides to protect 10 areas as natural reserves. In Sweden we […]