Samar Yazbek and Anne Enright to Sigtuna Literature Festival 2016

On 26-28 August 2016, the annual Sigtuna Literature Festival returns to Sigtuna town.

Literature connects us all, so it is fitting that all local venues will open their doors, hearts and minds as the town of Sigtuna becomes a living arena for literature.

Important and topical conversations and meetings with authors will be interspersed with story readings, literature worship, workshops, guided tours, exhibitions and an child and youth program.

With over 80 distinct events, the fifth consecutive Sigtuna Literature Festival has something to offer literally everyone!

International Authors in Attendance
For our English speaking visitors, we are happy and honored to welcome Samar Yazbek, Anne Enright and Cynthia Haven to this years festival.

The entire festival program can be seen here:


International Authors in Attendance in Sigtuna Literature Festival 2016

Samar Yazbek
Samar Yazbek (born 1970 in Syria) is a journalist and author. Threats and persecution by the regime in 2011 forced her to leave Syria with her daughter. Today she lives in exile in Paris. In 2012 she received the Swedish PEN´s Tucholsky Prize for A Woman in the Crossfire, a report from the Syrian war. The novel Cinnamon was her first book translated into Swedish. She has secretly returned to Syria several times, and in her latest book, The Crossing: My Journey to the Shattered Heart of Syria (2015), we get to follow her on three of these trips.

Anne Enright
Anne Enright (born 1962) is an Irish writer who explores themes such as Irish history, family relationships, love and sex. She previously worked as a television producer and has written for magazines like The New Yorker and The Paris Review. In 2007 she was awarded the Booker Prize for The Gathering and 2012 came the love story The Forgotten Waltz. Her book The Green Roadwas recently published in Swedish.

Cynthia Haven
Cynthia Haven is a critic, writer, and literary scholar affiliated with Stanford University, USA. She has contributed to The Nation, The Times Literary Supplement, The Washington Post, Le Monde,The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Virginia Quarterly Review, The Kenyon Review, and others. She has written extensively on Eastern European poets, and her previous books includeCzeslaw Milosz: Conversations; Joseph Brodsky: Conversations; and An Invisible Rope: Portraits of Czeslaw Milosz. She has a forthcoming biography of the French theorist René Girard.

Igor Pomerantsev
Igor Pomerantsev is a Russian poet and journalist. His poems were first published in 1972 in the Moscow magazine Smena. He was connected with the Ukrainian civil rights movement and in 1976 he was arrested by the secret police KGB, accused of possession and distribution of political literature, for listening to enemy radio broadcasts and to have had contact with foreigners. In 1977 Pomerantsev was advised to emigrate. In 1978 he moved with his wife and 10-month old son to West Germany and in 1979 to London, where he worked for the BBC’s Russian-language broadcasts. Since 1995 he lives in Prague. His son Peter Pomerantsev also works as a journalist and in 2014 he published the acclaimed book Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible: The Surreal Heart of the New Russia.


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