Sigtuna’s guide to Obama’s visit in Sweden

On September 4-5, President Obama visits Sweden for the first time. What if Mr Obama had some hours left before taking off from Sigtuna’s own airport, Stockholm Arlanda Airport? Here is Destination Sigtuna’s top 4 list for a visit in our surroundings.

Sweden’s first coin

Mr President, we wish you could take a look at the first coin minted in Sweden, made in Sigtuna. Today you find it at Sigtuna museum.

Oldest street – Stora gatan

Mr President, we know you didn’t get a long vacation. Take a stroll down the high street of Sigtuna, Stora gatan. Enjoy the beauty and serenity. Sigtuna is a picturesque Medieval town of 8,000 inhabitants, founded in AD 970 by King Eric the Victorious, making it the first town in Sweden.


Mr President, if you had visited Sweden and Sigtuna in the 12th century, we would have written a runestone for you. Sigtuna boasts more than 150 runic inscriptions, more than any other town in Sweden!


Beautiful Palaces

Sigtuna is home to four beautiful palaces. Learn more about our the first Bernadotte king of Sweden – Karl Johan XIV, or Jean Baptiste Bernadotte. The late 18th- and early 19th century interiors are colorful and so interesting.


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