Sigtuna – a winter wonderland

When winter comes to town, it drapes the castles, church ruins and wooden buildings in a magical coat of snowflakes and dreams. Sigtuna Town hosts a Christmas fair four Sundays before Christmas Eve.

If palaces are your pleasure, visit Steninge where an indoor Christmas fair offers quality handicrafts for the holiday season.

Ice is nice! Vikingarännet is an 80 km skating race between Uppsala and Stockholm, via Sigtuna. Sweden’s three time Olympic distance skater Champion, Tomas Gustavsson, has skated it 5 times to date. “It’s a good distance, skating on Viking waterways.” says Tomas adding, “Sigtuna is very beautiful from the ice.”

Even if it’s not race day, many skaters enjoy the prepared tracks available. Remember to stop by a local café or restaurant for “After-Ice” – warm refreshments before going home

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