Tällberg Winter Forum in Sigtuna

On 23-25 February, the 2012 Winter Tällberg Forum will take place in the beautiful and reflective environment of the Sigtuna Foundation “Sigtunastiftelsen”. This international gathering of up to 50 leading members of the business, media, political and civil rights  communities will be opened by Birgitta Ohlsson, Minister for Europe and include contributions from, among others, Tomas Brunegård, CEO of Stampen Group, Sweden, Han Dongfang, Labour Activist, China, Ola Larsmo, President of Swedish Pen, Bill Spence, Corporate Issues Manager at Shell, UK, Ingrid  Srinath, Director of Civicus, South Africa, and Jiwei Zhang, Deputy Editor of Caijing Magazine, China.

The objective of the Forum is to open up a conversation exploring the interfaces between business and the protection of free speech and seek clarity in this challenging area for business. Open and free information is the best tool for creativity, innovation and fair competition, but the tools for free speech are increasingly complex, absent in some markets, or are even businesses in themselves. How much responsibility for ensuring a business environment based on freedom of expression and freedom of association can reasonably rest with business itself? And has the responsibility of the journalist changed in the new media context?


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