Christmas spirit at Sigtuna Museum

12-12-05 Just in time for the first and second Advent, Sigtuna Museum raises the Christmas spirit with sweet and tasty pastries at Café Lilla Fördärfvet. The café opens up with home-baked cookies in 17th century surroundings during special traditions and occasions, such as the Christmas market.   Take the opportunity to visit one of Sigtuna jewels […]

Sigtuna Litteraturfestival is growing

12-11-15 Sigtuna Literature Festival extends to two days in August 2013 Since the start, the vision has been very clear: by 2020, Sigtuna Literature Festival will be Scandinavia’s leading literature festival. The opening day in August became a success. 1300 enthusiastic attendants came to take part in Sigtuna’s literature festival premiere. And even more people were […]

A traditional Christmas Market!

12-11-13 Each year, in late November, something very extraordinary happens all around Sweden. The unique Nordic Light is enhanced by lights from thousands of Christmas markets. Here in Sigtuna, both Sigtuna town and its surrounding castles open up for their yearly markets. Experience a unique Swedish market tradition with music, performances and of course, a visit […]

Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport opens up!

12-11-01 Today 1th november 2012, Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport opened its door, especially for press and media. The hotel is the biggest investment within the hotel chain Clarion Hotels. A proud CEO Johan Svensson welcomed 60 curious journalists. The group entered a great building made of granite and glass, equipped with safety helmets and vests. In […]

300,000 bees have moved to Sigtuna!

12-08-28 Hotel and conference centres in Sigtuna have recently reached a record in number of visitors. 300 000 bees have checked in to 12 different beehives, spread on 10 hotel and conference properties. Thus, Sigtuna is the first destination to invest in beekeeping. Sigtuna’s hotel and conference facilities continue their work to create a sustainable destination […]

Summer rates in our summer hotels

12-07-08 We offer SUMMER RATES in our hotels in Sigtuna. Sigtuna, the first Swedish town established in 970, has evolved from having been a midpoint of the central power into a charming and picturesque town. Nowadays it has something to offer for everyone, regardless of age. Sigtuna has a wide range of activities such as cultural […]

Sweden’s first mobile hotel

12-05-14 February 1, 2012, for the first time ever in Sweden, we opened a mobile hotel. Need to recharge? In Destination Sigtuna, home of Vikings and rune stones; and 20 hotels- and conference centers at Arlanda, in Märsta, Rosersberg or Sigtuna proper, you’ll find just the thing; a bed in a jumbo jet, a royal suit, a […]

Sigtuna – a winter wonderland

12-04-29 When winter comes to town, it drapes the castles, church ruins and wooden buildings in a magical coat of snowflakes and dreams. Sigtuna Town hosts a Christmas fair four Sundays before Christmas Eve. If palaces are your pleasure, visit Steninge where an indoor Christmas fair offers quality handicrafts for the holiday season. Ice is nice! Vikingarännet is an 80 km skating race between Uppsala and Stockholm, via Sigtuna. Sweden’s […]

Archaeologists dig Sigtuna!

Anders Wikström spends his days digging up the past to relay his findings to future generations. He’s participated in over 60 excavations, and here, in Sweden’s first city, the reverence he feels as he peels away history is awe-inspiring. Many of the artifacts acquired are viewable at Sigtuna Museum. These ancient treasures help answer many questions about Sweden’s historical, religious and cultural […]

Enjoy Skokloster Castle via Google Art

12-04-10 Congratulations! Now you can see the fantastic art colllection of Skokloster Castle through Google Art! Livrustkammaren, Skokloster Castle and the Hallwylska palatset are some of the first museums in Sweden to join the Google Art Project. Skokloster Castle is a well-preserved 17th century baroque style palace, from the time when Sweden was a major power in […]