Art projects get the trees to speak during the Tällberg Forum

Between 29 June and 3 July hosts Sigtuna of Tallberg Forum, an international meeting where delegates from around the world gather to discuss future issues. Several seminars and workshops take place at the Sigtuna Foundation.
As a to the Tallberg Forum’s theme How can we agree to agree participate Sigtuna Foundation Art Project Imagine trees

The Sigtuna Foundation, as well as the Tallberg Forum, characterized by the awareness that we need several different languages if we want to deepen our understanding of various issues. Artistic expression, with the living tree in the center, creates a room for hope and reflection that complements seminars and workshops, says Alf Linderman executive director at Sigtuna Foundation.

The Art Project was inspired by Yoko Ono’s Imagine Peace Exhibition, where the fundamental idea is a Wish Tree. Everyone who passes the Sigtuna Foundation: Tallberg Forum’s delegates, Sigtuna locals and public in general are invited to come up with a wish or a prayer, write it down on a piece of paper and attach it to a tree, a kind of collective hope for a better future and world. All requests will then be sent to the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland, which in turn makes art project a part of a global movement.

The project Imagine trees include several artistic expressions at the Sigtuna Foundation during the Tallberg Forum. Silhouettes of tree huggers in actual size embraces Sigtuna Foundation’s apple trees and pines, the local textile artist Tina Caléns felted flowers adorn acacia trees outside the Sigtuna Foundation Refuge and in the Rose Garden Hall is the Ira Löfman art exhibit Moments of Presence with trees as clear theme.

In connection with the Tallberg Forum will also an exhibition of Barbro Fagerlind be displayed at Sigtuna Foundation’s chapel. Barbro Fagerlind works with religious items made of recycled cans called Re: Art.
Barbro Fagerlind holds a workshop at the Sigtuna Foundation with the theme “People’s Home Altar” on July 2 as part of the Tallberg Forum’s programs An evening for the future.

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