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Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Arlanda Flygplats
190 45 Arlanda
010-109 10 00

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Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Stockholm Arlanda Airport – beside the capital of Scandinavia
There are several reasons why Stockholm is the natural capital city of Scandinavia. One is that the city is located in the heart of Scandinavia, with world-class communications. Another is that Stockholm is the largest city in the largest country in Scandinvia.

In Stockholm, you also find the most multi-national companies, the largest stock exchange and millions of visitors each year. Tourists visit Stockholm for its food, design and music. Stockholm also has a unique range of galleries and museums. Each year, the city takes the centre of world attention when the Nobel prize is awarded.

Arlanda – Stockholm’s international airport

Arlanda is Sweden’s largest airport and acts as an important hub for the Stockholm region and Scandinavia – owing to flights near 200 destinations around the whole world, and good ground transportation to and from other parts of the Stockholm region.

The airport’s role in the region
Stockholm Arlanda Airport also plays a significant role in the welfare state – not only in Sweden as a whole but also in the Stockholm region. The airport creates new work opportunities, is important to tourism and commerce, and for cultural and knowledge exchanges.

Conference & Event

Arlanda Airport Conference is located in the heart of Sweden’s most central hub – Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Within just a few minutes walk, you reach the Arlanda Express, airport coaches, long-distance trains, parking, shopping, restaurants in SkyCity and not least of all domestic and international flights. Arlanda Airport Conference & Event has 47 meetings/conference rooms and event rooms for 2-1,000 people.

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Guided Tours

Guided tours at Sweden’s largest airport

Airport Visitor Service takes care of guided tours and guiding during photography and film recording at Arlanda. Take the opportunity to have a guided tour at Stockholm Arlanda Airport – why not visit the air traffic control tower or be shown around the terminals and take a closer look at baggage handling. Knowledgeable guides take you around and answer questions.

Choose ready-made packages or contact bookings if you would like to combine your package or prepare a tour to suit your own needs. Tours are adapted to those of you with disabilities.

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Weddings at Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Say your wedding vows at Arlanda – Arlanda VIP Services will gladly help out and turn your wedding day into an unforgettable experience

When you get married at Arlanda using Arlanda VIP Services, you have access to staff who take all necessary measures to ensure you have a wonderful day and memory for life.

The wedding ceremony takes place in one of our VIP lounges, especially designed by Swedish designer Jonas Bohlin, or alternatively in Arlanda’s control tower. After the ceremony, you receive our VIP service – exactly what is included depends on which wedding package you choose.

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