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Steninge Castle

Steninge Slottsväg 141
195 91 Märsta

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Steninge Castle

Steninge Castle was built in 1705 by the famous architecture Tessin the younger, who also built the Royal Palace in Stockholm. The exquisite buildings are surrounded by a spacious garden.

The developer Carl Gyllenstierna had a vision to show art and culture of the highest class in Steninge. His vision still exists, centuries later.

Steninge shops and events are situated in the unique stone barn from 1873. The famous glass design company, Kosta Boda, has a shop in the barn, selling designer glass art and glassware. You will also find a restaurant in a unique historic setting as well as the Gallery Steninge.

Opening hours Steninge shops and events:

The palace is closed. However, the park and the stone barn “Steninge shops and events” is open:

Monday – Friday 11 am – 6 pm.

Saturday – Sunday 10 am – 5 pm.

Do not miss Steninge Castle Christmas market, November 18 – December 23 2017.

Guided tours

This castle is beautifully situated on Lake Mälaren, southeast of Sweden’s oldest town, Sigtuna. In 1999 the Steninge Palace Cultural Center opened.

The site was chosen both for aesthetic reasons and for the good connections to the capital by water. Steninge’s history dates back to the 1200’s, but the Gyllenstierna (1649 – 1735) and Von Fersen (1736 – 1839) families have left the greatest imprint on Steninge’s history.

The Queen’s Wing (Drottningflygeln) and Billiards Wing (Biljardflygein) were built between 1685 and 1687 by the well known Swedish architect Nocodemus Tessin. The widowed Queen, Hedvig Eleonora, had her bedroom in the Queen’s Wing when she was visiting Steninge developer Gyllenstierna.

An authorized Steninge guide tells about the castle’s great history. Along the way you will see “Sfinxallén’’ (or Sphinx Boulevard), the Von Fersen monument, the stone barn, and also the fabulous park and the castle (from the outside). 
You will hear the love stories and exciting lives of those in the Steninge’s history.

Time: 1 hour

Price: per group is 1,850 SEK (incl VAT)

The tour guide can be booked through Destination Sigtuna AB: phone 08-594 806 50 or directly through Steninge Kitchen and Pantry: phone 08-592 594 60. 

Combine your visit to Steninge with shopping in Steninge Galleria and lunch or coffee at the Steninge Kitchen and Pantry , to book a full package, call 08-592594 60.


Steninge shops and Events, situated in the Stone Barn from 1873, presents furnishings jostle with cultural features and a restaurant in a unique historic setting.


At Steningekompaniet you will find Swedish design and glass, traditional candy, Ekelund traditional towels and much much more! Contact: +46 8-551 18 390

Trädgårdsmästeriet Steninge Slottsgalleria

Our garden is gorgeous! Please pay us a visit and we will be glad to give you inspiration and knowledge about gardening.

We have a wide range of outdoor assortiment, trees, ornamental bushes, roses and perennials.

Contact: +46 8-592 527 01

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